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Video. Image. Text. Whatever your preference, we can do it.

Oratos Media is constantly seeking out partnerships with potential advertisers to help continue the flow of content for our readers.

We provide various types of advertising on our sites, primarily video and image ads. We also offer services for those who do not have an advertisement.

Image Ads
If you are interested in creating your own image ad, you can provide one in the following formats:

Video Ads
In addition, as a new media site we’re looking to expand into new areas of advertising such as video/flash ads. If you’re interested in providing your own, feel free to send them in one of the following formats:

We recommend that video ads be under 45 seconds long, and we prefer the MPEG-2 format (so we can prepare our own compression).

If you do not have a prepared ad but are still interested in advertising on the site, feel free to contact us and we can prepare a quote for the design of a video or image ad. Note: you will retain all rights to the ad.

Text Ads
We also provide text advertisements on the site. We do not provide specific formats for these however placement is negotiable.

If you are interested in any of these services, please email us - ads(at)oratos(dot)com!